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Dec 27, 2012 12:35am PST
. >> what are you writing about? >> what are the michael jackson masks? >> she should feel bad she sneezed into my coffee it's coffee. it's coffee. >> speaking of funny, people do think it's funny and the daily show thinks you are funny. one of five women. do not get the dog it's ironic because of your animal activist crap that is not even true. the animal sanctuary that you are very involved with it. they came from the stoop and you are here and they take care of animals who are homeless you pretend to be a fan. >> i am. >> that's not true because -- >> i would never let anyone hurt gracey and i want to make sure she was hurt and had water, but clearly she has a disrespect for me & entertainment >> thank you very much take care. do you think olivia is the real deal >> real deal >> real deal all right. back to you. >> being on the daily show the daily show is the best >> good evening. my name is is olivia munn from the great state of california. >> you hear the music come on and it's iconic. >> like that >> it's really perfect what you did. >> americans are decent. >> sorry to interrupt. y
Dec 28, 2012 9:00pm PST
captioning made possible by michael landon productions and nci caption club way to hit! come on. move it, move it! get back. give him air. brian. brian, what's wrong? get an ambulance. cardiac insuffiency? what's that mean? simply, it means your heart isn't getting all the blood it needs. what do you do about it? depends on what causes it. treatment ranges from doing nothing to bypass surgery. bypass. like they did with arthur ashe? yeah. but not for you. if you follow my instructions, you'll have a normal life. you scared me. pro scouts been watching me. i'm first pick in the pro draft. not any more you're not. but you said-- you'll lead a normal life, but not as a basketball player. you heard from a friend? but that isn't possible. mr. maxwell quit a few hours ago. perhaps he told my friend he was thinking about quitting. oh. well, this is mostly janitorial work-- cleaning, working the furnace. repairing windows. there's a lot of that. why's that? two things i am fiercely opposed to-- ignorance and drugs. they go together. mrs. toma started this school to help those whom the o
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2